Welcome to the Armory! My name is Will Morgan and I’m a professional prop maker. I run my company, WM Armory, full time building the slickest props and costumes around.

I started on my path as a career prop maker by cosplaying at conventions with my freinds. I took every new convention and costume as a chance to improve my skills; pushing my craft further each time. After a couple of years and some attention on the internet, I started getting commission requests from costume enthusiasts around the world.

In 2013 I finally decided to take the plunge, quit my day job, and start my own company build awesome things for other people. It’s been amazing adventure so far, I’ve made some crazy amazing things, and I have no intention of stopping.

The more I’ve learned about prop making, the more I’ve been inspired to share that knowledge with others. Over the years I’ve shared many of my techniques in blog posts and even written my own eBooks on the craft!

Thank you for seeing what I’m all about here at WM Armory. I have a ton of new projects starting up all the time and I’m really excited to help you with yours!

-Will Morgan


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