Hey Everyone! So I’ve started doing this live stream show over on twitch that I’m calling PROP-aganda, and so far it’s off to a great start.  It’s a live stream of me working on a project in the shop and an open chat for Q&A.  So far I’m only doing about 1 show a week, hoping to do more in the future.  The current schedule is listed below.  If you didn’t catch the live screen then there is a link below to my Youtube channel where I upload all of my streams so they can be viewed at any time!  Become a patron and help the show grow by supporting me on Patreon, just follow the link below.  Hope to see you on the stream!


•Wednesday @ 2pm PT on Twitch


Want to help make the show better?  Want longer, more frequent, high quality streams?  Then please consider donating on Patreon.  A dollar here, a buck there, any little bit helps out and goes towards the shows and tutorials I write.  If you’d don’t want to give money, then there’s still ways for you to help out.  Just spread the word, share links and get the message out there!  Thank you!



Did you miss a live stream? Fear not!  All episodes are uploaded to my Youtube channel.  Just click the button below for all episodes!