How To Request A Commission

Looking to commission me?  Here are some things to consider before filling out the form…

  • Try checking the FAQ first, you may find your answer there.
  • Full suit commissions take up a lot of space and take more time. Because of this, I will only take a limited number of full suit commissions.  
  • How does it all work?  Well first read all of this, and then completely fill out the form below and submit it.  Once I get to your request, and we come to a final design and cost, I will send you an invoice and request first 50% of the total cost upfront.  Upon completion of the commission, but before shipping, I will ask for the last 50% plus the cost of shipping. Once you are satisfied with the final piece (with in reason), and I have the total payment, then I will ship it to you.
  • Just looking to get a commission quote? Go ahead and send me your request and we’ll go over costs.
  • Payment:  I only use paypal.  It’s quick, simple, protects it’s users, and is a safe means to transfer money.
  • Make sure you give me your real name!  I can’t send a prop to headshot007.
  • I open and read every email I get, but due to the high volume of commission requests and the fact that I am a one person operation, I cannot respond to every single email that I get.

What I’ll need to know from you:

  • Your Name
  • Estimated Deadline or when you’d like to have it by.
  • What’s your budget: Just a ball park, or if you want to inquire about an estimate then let me know.
  • What it is you want made: Be it a prop or costume. Also what is it from?
  • Reference image: Screen shots from a game or move work. Concept artworks too.
  • Description:  Give me the details of what you’re looking for

Once you have all of that information, email me at


  • Name: Jane Doe
  • Email:
  • Deadline: 6-8 Months
  • Budget: $1,000-$1,500
  • Item: Helmet from Destiny
  • Description:  Hi WM!  I would like to get this rare hunter helmet made for the game destiny.  I would need it in time for Dragon Con 2015. Thank you!    – Jane