A dremel is one of the most important tools when it comes to fabricating costumes and props.  But there are so many different dremel bits! So when you’re trying to decide on which bit is the right one for the job, I thought I’d help out by sharing what are my personal favorite dremel bits to use when I am working with EVA foam.  These 6 are my go to choices!

These two are the most used by far. These are sanding bits and they come in the two different sizes shown below, and both have various levels of grit to choose from.  These are best used for sanding your bevels, cleaning up your edges, or carving detail.  Pretty much anything that the Bench sander is too big for, use these pieces instead.


Next up we have my second most used bits.  Their actual intended purpose is for sharpening chain saws, but they work just fine on foam too. They come in two different sizes, not as easily noticed in the photo. These I use after the above two, for getting into tight corners with the tiny edge of the long cylinder, or cleaning up an area that’s too wide for the sanding bits.  Another great use for these, are for making small rivet and pin details, just like I talked about for tip #2.


These two I use the least out of the six, but they are still great bits that get used plenty.  The right is a grinding bit, and has the same grit as the two above bits.  They’re great for cutting in machine lines, carving channels, or any other similar detail. The left is a high speed cutting bit, good for the same purpose as the other but more narrow.


There are tons of other style, shape, and size bits out there, and they’re always come up with more.  Use these pieces as a starting point, and then try out others to find what works best for you.