The con season is fast approaching!  I’ve compiled the top 10 best tips fabricating with EVA foam.  Here they are in no particular order.


1– Not familiar with foam fabrication? Check out this tip for a quick over view.

cover image

2-Before you make anything, you better figure out how big it actually is.  This tip covers that!
tip cover scaling

3– It helps to have a pattern or blue prints to work off of.  Here’s a tip to make your own!  You can also check my store, I’ve got some blue prints there, as does my shop mate!

cover image


4-When making armor patterns for thicker materials like foam, it helps to have a foam ruler to make sure you get the fit just right.


5– Dremels are wonderful tools to have around the shop.  Learn all about my favorite dremel bits for using on foam.


6– Carving the perfect angled edges and bevels can be tricky.  Here’s a tip for that too!


7– Laser cutters are great!  But you won’t need one for this tip. Create amazing detail line with ease!


8-Nothing says armor plates like bolts, screws, and rivets! Learn how to make those details in foam with just your dremel.

 screw and bolt cover image

9– Once you’ve made it, you need to wear it!  Here’s how to securely strap your armor.


10– Make convincing battle damage with this rad painting tip!


Well that’s it for the top 10 tips for foam fabrication.  If you’re thirsty for more knowledge check out the e books in my store.  They’ve got all kinds of in-depth how to write ups and will guide you from start to finish on all of your foam crafting projects!