Need to add a little weathering to a prop?  Here’s a quick and simple technique that I use on a regular basis!  This technique is great for a chipped paint or small scratches look.  For all of my painting tips and techniques, check out my Painting E-Book!

What you’ll need:

First start by painting the edges and high points black, like the image on the left.  Paint to what ever level of weathering you desire.  For this piece, I only added some moderate weathering.  You can go way heavier, or even keep it very subtle and only hit a few areas.  I also find that painting with a stippling motion works best.  That way you can’t really see any brush strokes.

Once your paint has dried, grab your silver marker!  Just like the paint brush, you want to use a stippling technique as well (if a chipped look is desired).  Make sure to leave a very thin line of the black/dark grey paint showing.  It will help the silver color to pop out, and will give it a layered effect, as though there was a primer layer under the main color.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON SILVER MARKERS!!!!!  Be sure to store them tip down!  If you don’t, the silver paint/ink will settle to the back of the marker, and it won’t work.

After you have added the desired amount of weathering, you can go even further, adding washes, to give it a dirty look.  Once you have your desired look, be sure to seal your work with a clear coat! For more info on that check out my e book.